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The advisor is the lifeline for a chapter. The advisor has to fulfill a few essential requirements if a chapter is to be sustained.

Your userid and password to access your chapter page can be found on the front page of  your roll book. Please do not change your password under any circumstances. If they are not there, please check with your previous chapter president and your advisor to recover them. Once you have them, … Read more

This year's Pi Tau Sigma International Convention will be held February 16th and 17th, 2024, in Ann Arbor, MI on the campus of the University of Michigan. We're looking forward to seeing many Pi Taus there!


Membership Eligibility

1. Members in this organization shall consist of three classes, namely: Undergraduate, Graduate and Honorary. Members are permanently classified upon their initiation.

2. In determining the standing of a student only credits that count… Read more





Any chapter wishing to host a future PTS convention should submit their request to the PTS President and Secretary/Treasurer with a three-page (Arial 12 font, single space, with 1” margins) document acknowledged and signed by their chapter advisor and department chair/head. You may use a fourth… Read more