Alumni Associations

Background Information

Prior to the 2011 Convention in Chicago, the only formal means through which a Pi Tau could remain involved with the Society after graduation was to either become a faculty advisor at a university, or to join the National Board of Directors. The delegates in Chicago approved an amendment to the National Constitution and Bylaws to allow for the creation and government of alumni associations to fill that void.

Types of Alumni Associations

There are two types of alumni associations available to be formed:


            Membership consists of Pi Tau’s initiated by the same Chapter, regardless of where they may have since moved for graduate school or work.


           Membership consists of those members who currently reside in the same general area independent of where they were originally initiated.

Benefits of Alumni Associations

Chapter-based Alumni Associations

Each campus has its own unique history, traditions, politics, and ways of doing things, thus a Chapter’s own alumni are the best possible resource to help guide officers and members to continuing success. Additionally, these groups facilitate communication and renewed connections among the alumni, and between the alumni and the Chapter.  While meetings may be less frequent due to some alumni having moved out of the area, these groups can supply a type of support not necessarily available through area-based associations.

Area-based Alumni Associations

Groups of working professionals who are Pi Tau Sigma alumni and who reside in the same region have the ability to provide a potent opportunity for the local Chapters. Such groups can meet more frequently than chapter-based groups – perhaps monthly – through which undergraduates have access to a network of career advice and opportunities and alumni have access to motivated mechanical engineers who represent the top of their academic class to fill any open positions they may have.

How You Can Get Involved

Reach out to your local alumni, whether from your own Chapter or a neighboring campus, put a contact list together, and encourage them to form an alumni association.


The Constitution and Bylaws of Pi Tau Sigma state the following:

Article IX. New Alumni Associations

1. A group of Pi Tau Sigma alumni shall be granted a charter upon the receipt of a petition addressed to the Board of Directors care of, and at the discretion of, the Secretary-Treasurer which has been signed by at least three alumni of a given chapter or residing in the same state region or metropolitan area.

2. The petition shall specify whether the alumni association to be chartered is chapter- or area-based.

Article X. Government of Alumni Associations

1. The officers of each alumni association shall include a president and other officers as directed by the alumni association’s bylaws.

2. Each alumni association has control of and is responsible for its individual affairs subject to this Constitution and the Bylaws of this Honor Society. No alumni association may make or assume any obligation in the name of this Honor Society. Bylaws adopted by an alumni association for its guidance shall not be in conflict with this Constitution or the Bylaws of this Honor Society.

To create a new Pi Tau Sigma Alumni Association complete the charter petition.

Current Alumni Associations:

California Sigma Eta Alumni Association
Greater Indianapolis Area Alumni Association
Illinois Alpha Alumni Association
UIC Alpha Sigma Alumni Association