Earn money to attend conventions by properly submitting the roll-book picture

Earn up to an additional $100 to attend the convention.

Since August 1st, I have started keeping track of roll book submissions on the Chapter Status sheet. As it stands now, you earn a $100 stipend bonus if your current status, as established on July 1st each year, is in good standing. Starting this semester, you will have the opportunity to earn an additional $100 as a travel stipend, if you are in good standing,for the UIC convention in 2021 and beyond: You will receive $25 for each of the two semester initiations, if you submit a proper roll-book picture immediately at the conclusion of the ceremony (you need to do that for both the original and make-up initiation that needs to be held within a week from the original initiation) and email me the single completed excel sheet no later than 10 days from the last held initiation. Furthermore, if you have completed this requirement, you may receive an additional $25 for each of the two initiations, if your chapter advisor attends the ceremony and prints and signs her/his name on the roll book ($12.50) and take a picture of the attendees on the day of the initiation, original plus make-up initiations, and you upload them in your summary report before the June 30th deadline ($12.50). Remember a chapter, whose university follows the semester calendar, may only hold one initiation (with one makeup) per semester. Only chapters that follow the quarter calendar, are allowed three, one initiation (with one makeup) per quarter, with only two initiations eligible for the bonuses.


The roll-book needs to be a hard cover book that is bound, and the required information needs to be entered in writingdirectly on to the pages. You will need to record your chapter name and date of the initiation at the top, following it by the names, signatures and chapter positions of the officers conducting the ceremony and advisor (if present). Below that, the printed names of the initiates along with their signatures need to be entered.