Clarkson Tau Gamma

Clarkson University
Potsdam, NY 13699

Charter Date   May 19, 1950

Chapter No.   52

Advisor   Dr. Kenneth Willmert

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Clarkson Tau Gamma

The nucleus of petitioners from Clarkson was a group who formed an honor society known as Mu Epsilon Phi in 1949, The ideals were essentially the same as Pi Tau Sigma; and in the spring of 1950, the National Council was petitioned for a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma. The petition was granted. Formal installation of Clarkson Tau Gamma Chapter took place May 19, 1950, with Vice-President M. S. Gjesdahl officiating.

Clarkson Tau Gamma follows the traditional practices of Pi Tau Sigma by contributing to scholarship and cooperating with the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Each year on Engineering Day, Tau Gamma guides visitors through the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department and exhibits displays which illustrate the use of the fundamental principles of engineering. Tau Gamma also strives to promote student to faculty communications, and provides a course registration counseling service for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students.


2019-2020 - Christopher Rust, President

This year, Clarkson University Tau Gamma Chapter was able to hold 2 successful inductions.  In the Fall, 9 new members were inducted, while 12 new members were inducted in the Spring.  Following the spring induction ceremony, no annual dinner was held due to COVID-19. Although no dinner was held, our prospective Mechanical Engineering Professor of the Year Award would have been given to Dr. Arthur Michalek. Dr. Michalek was voted on by the Clarkson University Tau Gamma Executive Board.  Dr. Michalek is one of the University’s statics and strength of materials professors, and aided both of these classes by making them much more understandable through weekly quizzes and real-world problems. This dinner would have also included a guest speaker from outside of the Mechanical Engineering Department.  Our nomination was Dr. Gasper Sekelj, a former Clarkson University hockey goalie and now Engineering Economics professor. Many students rave about his class despite it’s difficulty due to his excitement and unique background as a student-athlete becoming a professor.

During the Spring semester, Pi Tau Sigma has worked closely with the other engineering honor societies around campus. Pi Tau Sigma worked directly with the activities board of ASME to help organize a faculty and student mixer, yet due to COVID-19, this was unable to happen.  Members of each respective honor society were invited, as well as any prospective members.  Those who were invited were also encouraged to spread the word to other engineering students who are not yet eligible for Pi Tau Sigma or other honor societies as a way to gain information about the honor societies.  Hopefully next year this type of mixed environment dinner will take place.

Three of the current officers of the Pi Tau Sigma will be graduating come the end of this semester.  Following the Spring induction ceremony, new members were elected:

President - Rachael Meacham

Vice-President - Elise Paquette

Treasurer - Ryan Visicaro

Secretary - William Martin

Rachael and Elise served on the executive board the previous 2 semesters as Treasurer and Activities chair, respectively.  They decided to take a more active role in Pi Tau Sigma for the upcoming 2 semesters, since they have the experience and have great ideas on how to better the society through a harsh transition.