Virginia Tech Upsilon

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Charter Date   April 24, 1940

Chapter No.   21

Advisor   Dr. Scott Huxtable

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

2019-2020, Jacob Martin, President

This year marked the last time that the chapter would orchestrate the Senior Portrait Composites, as the department switched to a new vendor. With the change, members volunteered their time to help the new photographer with managing the flow of students and fitting them with outfits for the composite. The Chapter also held meetings to plan outreach in each of the society’s values: academic excellence, service, and networking; along with re-organizing administration. The LinkedIn group page was created and alumni were contacted to probe interest and expand future students’ interaction. They were also asked to post a quick story of their work history and field so that members could gauge networking groups. This aspect is in a good position for the start of 2020-2021 for creating events like info sessions or improving the pipeline for Pi Tau Sigma alumni.

Fall 2019 Initiation Picture

Fall 2019 Initiation. From left to right: Tung Le, Shaurya Ahuja, Shubham Rath, Jacob Martin, Will O’Shea, Trevor Niel, and Dominic LoPinto

Fall 2019 Makeup Initiation

Fall 2019 Makeup Initiation. From left to right: Lindsey Pierle, Dominic LoPinto, Danielle Wright, and Riley Lovett

Spring 2020 Zoom Initiation Picture

Spring 2020 Zoom Initiation. From left to right, top to bottom: Candy Li, Jacob Martin, Zackory Biggers, and Dominic LoPinto


Early in 1940, under the direction of Professor F. S. Roop, Jr., a petition was presented to the National Council; and on April 24, 1940, the charter for Virginia Tech Upsilon was granted.

Virginia Tech Upsilon keeps very active throughout the year. Letters of congratulation and encouragement are sent to all M. E. Sophomores achieving high scholastic ratings each quarter. A reading room is maintained for students where they may study or read magazines which are provided by the chapter. The chapter has been responsible for the senior composite board since 1944. Virginia Tech Upsilon sponsors a departmental open house each year, a winter student-faculty potluck dinner, and a banquet to honor new initiates and officers in the spring. Chapter members also provide regular help sessions for juniors in Mechanical Engineering courses.