Lowell Phi Epsilon

University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Lowell, MA 01854

Charter Date   September 24, 1982

Chapter No.   126

Advisor   Dr. Zhu Mao

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Lowell Phi Epsilon

Through the effort of several ambitious mechanical engineering students and the cooperation of the Mechanical Engineering Department, the University of Lowell was honored by the installation of the Lowell Phi Epsilon Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma. These outstanding students petitioned the National Council of Pi Tau Sigma for a chapter early in 1982. After the Council's approval, the Lowell Phi Epsilon chapter was formally installed on September 24, 1982, with the initiation of 42 charter members and two honorary members.

The Lowell Phi Epsilon Chapter provides tutoring for undergraduate students taking mechanical engineering courses. Phi Epsilon also works successfully with the A.S.M.E. in organizing social activities and events which promote the mechanical engineering profession. The goals for Phi Epsilon are: making mechanical engineering course evaluations, evaluating and rating mechanical engineering professors, and setting up a course description file for undergraduate students.


2018-2019 Alex Frankel, President

The Lowell Phi Epsilon chapter of Pi Tau Sigma had a very successful year hosting and participating in many campus wide events promoting community engagement, volunteering, and school pride. Our two biggest events were our first annual Pi Tau Sigma “Info Night” and our participation in UMass Lowell’s Accepted Students Welcome Day. The info night hosted on March 27, 2019 provided an engaging environment where members were able to network with other Mechanical Engineering students, give and gain advice on potential professors, and help coordinate course schedules together. The “Info Night” was held during the advising period, the week before students chose classes, in order to introduce our members to their peers and expand their network, as well as offer each other some insight about upcoming courses. This not only helped introduce them to their classmates but helped them pick the best schedules and professors and many even planned study groups for the future semester.

UMass Lowell’s Accepted Students Welcome Day was also a huge success as our Pi Tau Sigma chapter fully staffed the mechanical engineering departments’ tour guides and were able to provide practical knowledge and personal insight to prospective students on behalf of the Mechanical Engineering department. Our members and officers guided them on their tours around campus, introduced them to our beautiful labs and exciting clubs, and advertised Pi Tau Sigma to the students and their families. This year was the first time we participated in this event and it is something we will continue to do for the school for many years to come. The chapter’s participation was an integral component to the successful operation of the event for the Mechanical Engineering department. The administration expressed their significant appreciation to all of our members who participated and assisted with the event. Our chapter’s engineers are not only the best and brightest our university has to offer but they are also articulate and personable, and are the best people we have to represent our great university and their Mechanical Engineering department. We look forward to continuing our involvement with the UMass Lowell community and expanding our outreach beyond the campus.


This year Lowell Phi Epsilon held one initiation in the spring and initiated 56 new members. The reason for the unusually large initiation class was due to some poor presence and outreach in the previous years, thus many eligible seniors did not have the opportunity to join while they were juniors. All undergraduates in the Mechanical Engineering Department that met the criteria outlined in the Pi Tau Sigma constitution were sent an invitation. We were granted permission from the board of directors to initiate a number of last-term seniors due to the extenuating circumstances.

The main initiation ceremony was held on April 28th, 2018 and had over 100 initiates and guests in attendance. We initiated 49 undergraduate members and 1 honorary member. The ceremony was held in one of the auditorium-style lecture halls in Ball Hall on the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus. Coffee and snacks were catered at the ceremony with help from the Mechanical Engineering Department. The make-up initiation ceremony was held on May 5th, 2018 and was for students who were on co-ops, study abroad, or otherwise could not make it to the main initiation ceremony. We initiated 6 undergraduate members during the make up initiation ceremony

Due to a combination of a change in faculty adviser, the mechanical engineering department office moving, and no active member volunteering to be an officer, the Lowell Phi Epsilon chapter did not hold any activities during the 2017-2018 year. The current group of officers were recruited in mid-March 2018 and the focus was to hold an initiation and to establish chapter protocols to ensure that the chapter would not fall into disrepair again. As part of this process, we purchased a new chapter roll book, consolidated all chapter material in the faculty advisor's office, and set up an account with the universities’ Student Activities Office to handle all financial matters.

We also made plans for events that we wanted to hold next year. We talked with the mechanical engineering department about how we can increase our presence on campus and what role they would like us to fill in the coming years.

When we sent in our chapter regalia order form this year, we were alerted by the Secretary-Treasurer that he did not have any record of an initiation performed by Lowell Phi Epsilon since 2015. The officers figured out who was initiated in 2016 and 2017 and submitted registration forms for the missing initiations when we submitted the Spring 2018 registration form. We will be mailing out those students certificates and membership cards during the summer.