Accessing and editing your page

Your userid and password to access your chapter page can be found on the front page of  your roll book. Please do not change your password under any circumstances. If they are not there, please check with your previous chapter president and your advisor to recover them. Once you have them,  write down the login credentials on the front page of your roll book, noting that the password should not be changed.

All of your annual reports that you have submitted since 2009 have been uploaded to your chapter page, in a PDF portfolio. Please note that you cannot open PDF portfolios in your browser. To access them, you will first have to right-click and choose Save link as… and save them on your computer. After saving them on your computer, right click on the file and choose Open with Adobe, and you will be able to access them.

All of your previous registration forms, since the formation of your chapter, have also been uploaded and reside as files on each chapter’s page. To be able to see the files you will first need to login to your chapter. The files are saved as PDF portfolios arranged in decades for easy searching, and to access them you will once again will need to save them in your computer as described in the above paragraph before opening them. 

To login to your page, please type and then enter your credentials to login.  After logging in, click on the Chapters Tab on the upper right corner, then navigate to your Chapter's page, click on it, and then click Edit to  access your page. Please enter the 500-word summary, in the Body section, below the school picture and the bold paragraph about the creation of your chapter (if it exists) and above the previous year summary. You may copy what you wrote on the word file and paste it directly (control+V).  Do not use bold face for your summary. Above your new paragraph, please enter the period of the reported activities, i.e. 20xx-20xx, and the author’s name and their chapter position in a single line in bold face. Do not delete anything and do not upload any PDF files to your page. If you make a mistake just get out from editing, using the back key without saving your changes and then start over again. Make sure you save your entry by clicking on the Save tab at the bottom of the page.

You will need to type to end your session and log out.