Cal State LA Sigma Kappa

California State University, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Charter Date   February 15, 1968

Chapter No.   83

Advisor   Dr. Samuel Landsberger

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Cal State LA Sigma Kappa

California State College at Los Angeles was founded in 1947 and added a Department of Engineering in 1951. Growth in engineering was rapid and under the guidance of Dr. Leslie Cromwell the Department became the Division of Engineering in 1964. The Engineers' Council for Professional Development was petitioned for accreditation of our engineering curriculum which was granted in 1965.

In recognition of its professional development and growth, the Division became the School of Engineering, at CSULA in 1967, with Dr. Eugene H. Kopp appointed the first Dean. As a contribution to the professional development of the school the Mechanical Engineering students, under the sponsorship of Professor Arthur W. Sear, petitioned the National Council for a local chapter of Pi Tau Sigma. The petition was approved and the Sigma Kappa Chapter was installed on February 15, 1968, under the auspices of President E. Kent Springer and Vice President Donald Haworth, with the dean as one of nineteen charter members.

It is expected that the aims and ideals of Pi Tau Sigma will contribute to the continuing professional development of the School of Engineering at CSULA.