Tri-State Delta Delta

Trine University
Angola, Indiana 46703

Charter Date   December 5, 1972

Chapter No.   101

Advisor   Dr. Brett Batson

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Tri-State Delta Delta

In the Fall of 1971 a group of outstanding mechanical engineering students at Tri-State College under the leadership of Dr. J. N. Crisp, Chairman of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. B. S. Dixit petitioned the National Council of Pi Tau Sigma for a chapter. The petition was approved. In the Fall of 1972 and National President, Professor J. W. Bayne, and Central Vice-President, Dr. E. W. Jerger, installed the Tri-State Delta Delta Chapter on December 5, 1972.

The major emphasis of the Delta Delta Chapter during the first year will be placed on planning and organization. The Chapter is at present working to uphold the goals upon which the fraternity was established and plans to contribute time and effort to encourage scholarship, recognize excellence in teaching and participate in departmental functions.


2017-2018 Justin Gowan, President

Our chapter has a few things that we do throughout the course of the year to help better our relationship with our university and our community. One of ways that our chapter tries to better our relationship with our university is by attending all Trine University Student Senate meetings. Trine University’s Student Senate meetings are meetings in which every student organization on Trine’s campus is allowed to send representatives in order to receive updates about events and university rules as well as cast votes in changing certain policies. These meetings allow us to stay in good standing with our university as well as stay updated with what is going on in our university.

One way we attempt to get involved in our local community is by doing philanthropy. We have several members in our chapter that are regular volunteers at the local humane shelter. These members help the humane shelter in a variety of ways. They have volunteered in the way of walking dogs for the humane shelter as well as sorting through and organizing the storage garage where the humane society stores the majority of their donated food, blankets, pillows, and other things that they use to take care of their animals. Volunteering at the humane society has been a great way to help impact the local community. Another philanthropy that some of our members help out with is the local Boomerang Backpacks organization.

We also hold an event in the Fall Semester called Turkey Bowling. For this event, our members construct a bowling alley and we purchase several frozen turkeys that are used as bowling balls for the event. Our Turkey Bowling event is open to all students, faculty, and members of the community for a small entry fee. It is mainly a fundraising opportunity for us so that we may raise some funds for the school year. The winner of the event is awarded a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving. We also provide pizza and refreshments for those who attend. This last year, we had a large attendance with almost all of our members attending as well as around 50 members of the student body, faculty, and community.

Towards the end of the last school semester, an officer meeting was held. During the meeting, several were discussed as potential events that could be held during the next school year.  One favored idea was to have all of our members start volunteering at the local humane society for a few hours a week. Sure it may not have anything to do with engineering, but it is a good way to give back to the community and playing with dogs is awesome.  It was also suggested that we could start holding tutoring sessions for underclassmen mechanical engineering students. This way we can help them do well their first two years and they may be more interested in joining Pi Tau Sigma as juniors. At the end of the meeting, all the officers agreed to continue to brainstorm ideas for the upcoming semester.