Texas A&I Phi Upsilon

Texas A&M University–Kingsville
Kingsville, TX 78363

Charter Date   December 5, 1987

Chapter No.   141


Chapter Status   Dormant

Annual Chapter Reports

Texas AI Phi Upsilon

Texas A & I Phi Upsilon Chapter was the result of a petition by leading mechanical engineering students under the sponsorship of Professor R. A. McLauchian. National President William Cottingham, Secretary-Treasurer Edwin Griggs, and Western Regional Vice-President James Welty formally installed the chapter on December 5, 1987.

Chapter goals are to provide aid to new freshman and transfer students and to encourage sustained academic achievement. The chapter works with the student section of A.S.M.E. in maintaining the department library and bulletin board, and on various projects. Annually, by vote of its members, the chapter selects and presents an award to the "Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Professor."

The Texas A&I University became a member of the Texas A&M University System in 1989, and in 1993 changed its name to Texas A&M University-Kingsville to reflect that membership.