NJIT Tau Theta

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102

Charter Date   May 25, 1951

Chapter No.   57

Advisor   Dr. I. Joga Rao

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

NJIT Tau Theta

The faculty of NJ.I.T. (formerly Newark College of Engineering) waited until the students initiated the request for a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma and then cooperated in approving the petition to the National Council. The petition was granted and the Newark Tau Theta Chapter was formally installed on May 25, 1951.

NJ.I.T. Tau Theta is carrying out the high ideals of Pi Tau Sigma by working on projects which are beneficial to the students, the Mechanical Engineering Department, and the Institute. Joint endeavors with the engineering A.S.M.E. student section helps acclimate the engineering students to industrial conditions. Some of the activities that this chapter engages in are the annual Outstanding Senior Award, Tutoring Program, Guest Speakers, Engine Meltdown/Car Bash Contest, and the annual Banquet.

Even after the first one-hundred years (1881-1981), the New Jersey Institute of Technology is continually growing; both physically and academically. TheTau Theta Chapter continues to be a vibrant pan of this Institute.


2018-2019 Eddie Lin - President

Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society is not as well known throughout campus as we would like it to be. The goal for the academic year was to establish better relationship throughout campus and to spread the name of our society. In order to do this, members worked with various clubs on campus to establish a better relationship between our members and theirs in order to open the possibilities for joint operations in the future since the size of Pi Tau is generally small due to nature of the society. Throughout the year, Pi Tau members offered free tutoring for students through the Mechanical Engineering Department. Our members were able to provide one on one tutoring to ensure that the students fully understand the material for their class. With only few members in the club, other activities were difficult to arrange. We hope that better relationships with other clubs will help navigate around this issue and Pi Tau will be able to accomplish much more here at NJIT.


Due to the size and location of our campus in the middle of Newark, New Jersey, most of our volunteer services come in the form of supporting the mechanical engineering department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. We appear at each and every open house sponsored by the school. There we represent the best of the best mechanical engineering students here at the New Jersey Institute of Technology offering advice and experience for incoming students. We are there to answer any questions on the curriculum, job opportunities, and life as a student on and off campus. We act as tour guides showing new students around the campus and bringing them to important locations on campus. Beyond the open houses, we act as a mechanical engineering tutoring service for any and all students that reach out to us in particular curriculum based classes. As we are the top students in the major, we would have the most experience in certain classes and be able to offer assistance to any student who may be struggling in classes.  At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, we take the voting of Pi Tau Sigma bylaws, constitutional changes, and new chapters seriously. First we have a board meeting of all the e-board members, where we discuss the proposed changes to get each members opinion and thoughts on how to present it to the entire organization. Then, we run a general meeting where we introduce the proposed change, talk about how things are now comparing them to the change and then perform a vote to see where the majority lies; in the event of a new chapter request, we tell the general assembly about the qualifications of the new school as well as number of members and other relevant information. We want to make sure the entire organization at the New Jersey Institute of Technology understands thoroughly how this will impact them as members of the group and ensure that they make an informed decision. After that, the president sent our group vote to the secretary of Pi Tau Sigma for our vote to be processed. We hope in future years to be able to do more for the New Jersey Institute of Technology and outside community as a whole, in not only the name of Pi Tau Sigma, but also as mechanical engineers trying to do good for the world.