Pi Tau Sigma End of year things-to-do

Dr Alex Moutsoglou


Dear Pi Tau’s,

  Another academic year once again is coming to an end. I know many of you will be graduating and moving on. I want to thank all of you for serving as presidents to your chapters. Your hard work in keeping the Pi Tau Sigma going strong in your university is greatly appreciated by all people involved at both the local and national level. Remember, once a Pi Tau always a Pi Tau. So, try to maintain your association with PTS after college. You may always check what is going on by going to the national website.

 There are several things that need to be completed before you take off for the summer:

  • I am extending the submission of bids for holding the 2019 convention until Monday, April 17th.
  • Do not forget to order your graduation regalia by submitting the order form to me the earliest you can.
  • If you have a new president elected for next year, please provide me with the contact information so that I can update my email list.
  • If you have held initiations and have not registered them with the national office, you will need to do that soon so that your initiates become PTS members.

As you know, we have new requirements now. All students will need to enter their non-university emails on the excel registration form regardless if they are permanent university emails or not.  In addition to the emails, recording the initiation ceremony on a roll-book is a requirement for a valid initiation. Please make sure that you acquire a (leather type) bound (not spiral, or notebook) roll-book with heavy weight bond paper, preferable with numbered pages. The book needs to stay with your advisor and be given before the initiation and returned after the ceremony. All initiates that take part in the ceremony need to print their names and sign along with the two officers conducting the ceremony at the time of the ceremony. The date of the ceremony needs to be entered at the top of the page, along with the chapter name. A photo of the page needs to be sent electronically as an attachment, right after the initiation on the day of the ceremony, verifying the ceremony.  If students somehow miss the initiation, a make-up ceremony will be arranged and the students will add their names on the same page (if there is room) indicating the new date of ceremony and a new picture of the revised page will be resubmitted right after the ceremony. The free keys are contingent with satisfying the new requirements.

  • Make sure you have paid your chapter’s dues and any amounts you owe from ordering of keys/stoles/cords, before the June 30th deadline.
  • By submitting your annual chapter report, you preserve the continuation of the history of your chapter for new and old members for years to come. Also, submitting your annual chapter report by the June 30th deadline is one of the requirements for a chapter to acquire the good standing status. Please follow the report format described below when submitting your report.
  • If you believe your chapter will earn the status of good standing at the end of this academic year (you will have a 2016 Fall and a 2017 Spring initiation completed and paid by the June 30th deadline; you have attended the Drexel Convention; you have participated in both the outstanding chapter awards selection voting and the new chapter petition voting; you have submitted a nomination for the distinguished female engineer ) and you would like to be considered for the Chapter Outstanding Performance and Outstanding Service Awards for this academic year please provide an additional 500 word summary of the report that you are submitting and attach it as a separate PDF file along with your annual chapter report by the June 30 deadline.

    In your report, activities best be documented with accompanying pictures, flyers, etc. The extent of Pi Tau Sigma's contribution in organizing events/activities and level of participation needs to also be documented in your report. Please make sure to highlight all volunteer community activities and charity fundraisers. All reports should electronically be submitted to alex.moutsoglou@sdstate.edu.


 <current academic year, i.e.> 20xx-20xx

 <your complete chapter name, i.e.> South Dakota State Tau Chi

 A. Initiations

 In this segment indicate your initiation selection procedure including advisor’s role in the selection process and minimum academic GPA, requirements from initiates, initiation ceremony and rituals, and celebration. Include dates and numbers for all initiations held. No need to list names of initiates.

 B. Chapter Activities
 Include all chapter activities for the academic year. This will involve fundraisers, community services, university projects, etc. Please give sufficient details if the project involved other societies and if so what was your level of participation. To support your statements you may include photos, local paper articles, etc. Discuss your chapter meetings, banquets, convention participation and anything else that your chapter is involved with.
 C. Other
 Include anything else here that does not fit the above two categories that will strengthen your report.


 The total length of the report including attachments cannot exceed 10 pages. In preparing the report use Times New Roman Font 12, with single space and 1 inch margins in all four sides. Submit your file in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, with the file name specified as <your chapter Name> Annual Report <academic year>, i.e. South Dakota State Tau Chi Annual Report 2016-2017.pdf (please use space between words, do not use underscores)



 If for the current academic year, you have completed all requirements to acquire the good standing status, you are eligible to be considered for the Chapter Outstanding Performance and Outstanding Service Awards. To apply, please provide a 500-word summary of the report that you are submitting above, in PDF format. Details for submitting your Summary Report are provided in the REPORTS tab at the national websitewww.pitausigma.org. The submitted reports will then be judged by all Pi Tau Sigma chapters. The top three vote getters in each category will be recognized in next year's convention and will be granted monetary awards.


I wish you all the success in your upcoming exams, and once again thank you for serving Pi Tau Sigma and your profession.


Kind regards,



Alex Moutsoglou

Secretary Treasurer

Pi Tau Sigma