PTS Convention Information

Greetings to all,

In a bit more than two weeks, we will be in beautiful Miami starting our convention. I hope that all of you are getting ready to come and enjoy the weekend, making friends and participating in the festivities. Under the leadership of Mitchell Hamann, the Convention Chair, and the guidance of Professor Ines Basalo, the chapter advisor, the Miami Sigma Upsilon chapter has been working hard to plan and host our 97th convention, since Pi Tau Sigma was established in 1915. The convention will feature several important events that I hope you will all find interesting and enjoy.


First and foremost, if you have not yet reserved a hotel room, you must do so now. The special rate that we had at the Hampton Inn has expired for future reservations. However, there are still remaining rooms at the Courtyard Marriott, where a special block is reserved until this Friday, February 9th. So. please go ahead and reserve your hotel rooms.


Friday, after the welcoming dinner, we will hold our business meeting. The agenda includes

  • discussion and vote on a constitutional amendment on requirements for honorary membership;
  • a vote on the petition for a new charter at the University of Nevada, Reno -the petition has been posted on the website. You may read it at before you come to the convention;
  • discussion on Board of Directors membership and voting on the open Board President and open Vice President positions – you may nominate candidates for these two open positions at the convention but please make sure you get the approval of the candidates before you nominate them-;
  • bids for the 2020 convention -while the 2019 convention will be hosted by Colorado State at Fort Collins, we do not have any chapter wanting to host the convention in 2020 -if you would like to enter a bid for the 2020 convention please discuss this with your advisor before you commit to hold the convention-;
  • any other new business that is brought to the floor.


There will be a social hour event scheduled for students for Friday night, while advisors, board members, and guests will meet with the Autodesk team at the end of the business meeting.


After breakfast (guests staying at Hampton Inn please have your free hot breakfast at the hotel) on Saturday morning, business will start at 8:30 am with an Engineering Futures Session facilitated by Tau Beta Pi. This will be followed by a talk and the Design Competition sponsored and facilitated by Autodesk. Please make sure to bring your laptops along on Saturday, as you will need them for the competition. You will be seated on designated tables with your preselected group. The competition will be implementing Fusion 360, so it is imperative that you download Fusion 360 and watch the Fusion 360 learning videos by visiting


After lunch, there will be a panel discussion on best chapter practices. The panelist will include students from Illinois, Purdue, and Cooper Union, along with a video from University of Michigan.


Following the panel discussion, there will be a job fair for students interested in talking to future employers. This will be followed by designated lab tours to see the ongoing research at the college of engineering at the University of Miami.


The Saturday evening activities will start with the presentation of the design competition by each group followed by the awards and the initiation ceremony. Our Saturday night keynote speaker will be Astronaut Dr. Yvonne Cagle, MD.


The festivities and the convention will conclude with a social event following the Awards Banquet.


Please read on the FAQ’s on Attending a Pi Tau Sigma Convention at


A tentative time schedule of the Convention activities and a map and some info on how to get to the Convention site at the University of Miami are attached to this email. You will be getting metro passes for use between hotels and the University.


Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all in Miami!






Alex Moutsoglou


Pi Tau Sigma


SCEH 216, Box 2219

Brookings, SD 57007

605 691-4557