Auburn Chi

Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849

Charter Date   December 7, 1940

Chapter No.   23

Advisor   Dr. Richard Williams

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Auburn Chi


In the fall of 1940, senior mechanical engineering students from Alabama Polytechnic Institute contacted the National Council of Pi Tau Sigma, obtained the approval of the Executive Committee of the Institute, and petitioned for a chapter. The petition was granted and was voted at the twenty-third National Convention. Formal installation was held December 7, 1940 with National Secretary H. E. Degler officiating, assisted by members of Georgia Tech Nu Chapter.

In 1960 Alabama Polytechnic Institute changed its name to Auburn University. The chapter has continued to promote scholarship, professionalism, and a strong educational program in Mechanical Engineering.

Auburn Chi has sponsored freshman and senior scholarships, a pre-engineering open house and tour of Mechanical Engineering, an initiate smoker, and an undergraduate tutorial program.



Christian Moomaw, President

For the 2017-2018 academic year, the Auburn Chi chapter of Pi Tau Sigma conducted two classes of initiations, hosted several social events for members and initiates, contributed service back to our community and university, and held chapter-wide meetings to elect officers and discuss ideas for improving our operations in coming semesters. Auburn Chi has grown in its support of the Mechanical Engineering department at Auburn, as the number of professors that approach the chapter with requests for assistance has increased and become a major source of activity.

The initiation requirements for the chapter remain unchanged from last year. Initiates must attend one social event, polish their Pi Tau Sigma bent, acquire three department faculty signatures, and complete two hours of community service. Each semester, multiple bent polishing parties were held to give initiates access to polishing tools, and to give them a chance to mingle with one another.

In an effort to increase our campus and departmental involvement, chapter members joined with students from other engineering organizations to conduct facility tours for Professional Engineers attending the recertification event at the university. The chapter once again facilitated an annual informational poster session for undergraduate research stipends, while also staffing a promotional Pi Tau Sigma booth to increase awareness of the chapter. In the spring, chapter members volunteered to assist with Auburn’s yearly E-day, conducting tours of mechanical engineering facilities and conducting engineering demonstrations for visiting high school students.

Auburn Chi sent a service team to participate in The Big Event this spring as well. This is a university-wide service event wherein any individual or organization may form a team to perform spring cleaning or yard work in the greater Auburn community for churches, nonprofit organizations, the elderly, and any other group of people in need.

The chapter held two movie nights, with the films Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Robin Hood: Men in Tights selected by the chapter membership. In the fall, a board game night was held off campus at a member’s house; a bent polishing party was held in tandem with the game night to encourage attendance from initiates. In the spring a trivia night was hosted on campus.

The rising president and vice-president, Christian Moomaw and Katelyn Jenkins, were sent to attend this year’s National Convention in Miami. They gained a better sense of involvement with Pi Tau Sigma, as well as insight into methods for the continuing involvement of the chapter.

Proceeding into the coming academic year, Auburn Chi will look for ways to improve its current social and service events, as well as experimenting with new ideas to better serve both its members, as well as the mechanical engineering department at-large.